Guidance for Young People

As a young person in one of our homes, we want you to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your new surroundings. We provide you with a wide-ranging support network designed to help you in any way you might need it to. These are some of the ways we work to achieve those goals.

We keep you safe and supported

We keep you in touch with Family and friends

We listen to your wishes and feelings

We're here to help with your future

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How We Support You

Prior to your admission to the home, you will be given a Young Person’s Guide. This will provide you with essential information about how you will be supported and looked after while you live with us.

You will receive one-to-one daily support from one of the six care staff we have working in the home. In addition, you will have a key worker assigned to you, who will support you in arranging your appointments, any meetings that you need to attend, and your education, as well as ensuring all of your health needs are met.

Each home also has a manager and an assistant manager on site. Their role is to support you by making sure that the staff looking after you do so in a way that meets your care, education, and health care needs.

As well as the team in the home, we also have several senior managers who regularly visit our homes and who can provide you with further support, should you need it.

How We Safeguard You

Our aim is to always keep you safe. This means that sometimes you might not be happy with the decisions we need to make to ensure that. You will have a risk assessment that will look at things that have happened to you in the past as well as things that are happening now. We will work with you (within your individual risk assessment) to minimise those risks, but there may be times when we cannot allow you to do certain things. The reason is that doing so might cause you harm.

All of our staff are trained to keep you safe, and we have a designated Safeguarding Lead whose job it is to ensure everyone under our care is safe. If you are unhappy about any of our decisions, you can speak to the Safeguarding Lead about them and they will discuss your concerns with the manager.

If you are ever unsafe, or should your give us any information that makes you unsafe or has made you unsafe in the past, we will take immediate action to keep you from any further harm. We will also be required to inform you social worker and we may also have to tell the police.

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Contact with Family and Friends

It is important that you maintain contact with family and friends and your contact will be agreed as part of your plans when you come to live at the home, staff will facilitate your contact if that is part of your plan. Should any risks arise with your contact then a planning meeting may be called with your social worker to discuss this further.

Listening to Your Wishes and Feelings

While living in our homes, you will have plenty of opportunities to talk about your wishes and feelings. We are always available to listen to you and, wherever possible, we will do what we can to action any requests on your behalf.

Of course, there may be times when we cannot action your wishes. In these cases, we will always explain to you the reasons why we are unable to do something that you have requested.

If you are unhappy with any of the decisions made in the home by our support staff, then there are several people you can talk to about this. These include the in-house manager or assistant manager, as well as the Operations Manager and the Regulation 44 visitor to the home. You can also speak to your advocate about our decisions, should you have one, or your social worker. You can also speak to our regulatory body, Ofsted, or raise a formal complaint.

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Next Stage 4 Life

How We Handle Complaints

Here at Next Stage 4 Life, we takes complaints regarding our residential homes and our staff very seriously. We have a thorough complaints process that will ensure any complaints are dealt with in a fair and transparent manner.

Next Stage 4 Life

Your Plans

While staying in our residential homes you will have your own individual plans that will help you set and attain achievable goals. These plans are reviewed on a regular basis (mainly by your key worker) and we encourage you to contribute to them.

There may be other plans – including Education, Health, and Care plans (EHCP) or plans put together by your social worker. You may also see these plans, though we will need to ask the person who wrote them for their permission to share them with you.

If you are not happy with any of your plans, feel free to speak to the manager, the operations manager, or your social worker.

For more information about how Next Stage 4 Life can help you as a young person, get in touch with us today. Call us on 01942 818 569 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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