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Next Stage 4 Life provides residential placements and therapeutic care for children and young people in one of our eight homes in the North West region. Placements can be provided on a planned or emergency basis, depending on the specific needs of the person in question.

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Planned Placements

We can accommodate up to two young people in each of our homes. We believe in creating inclusive, bespoke packages of care, education, and health for the vulnerable children and young people in our homes. We work closely with trusted partner organisations, external professionals, the wider care and support system, and families alike. This ensures we have effective and quality services in place that enable children and young people to achieve their expected outcomes.

When planning for a placement, our first task is to complete an impact risk assessment to ensure we have considered how our new young person will match with other children and young people placed. Following this, we encourage visits to and from the young person, their social worker and, where appropriate, family members.

Emergency Placements

On occasion Next Stage 4 Life will consider emergency placement referrals, but only if certain conditions are met. Emergency referrals will only be considered appropriate if we have received full information regarding the child or young person’s situation and background from the Local Authority. This information will need to be reviewed by both a Senior Manager and the Registered Manager, so that we can completed a full impact risk assessment. This allows us to ensure that any identified risks can be properly managed and mitigated against.

For more information about our placement strategies, or to ask any questions about our residency and treatment programmes, get in touch with Next Stage 4 Life today. Call us on 01942 818 569 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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“Working at Next Stage is great, you get to do really good things, supporting people to have an increased quality of life, always willing to listen to new ideas.”

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